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NextLevel Pharma is a leading, strategic business information provider and opportunity facilitator for the international life sciences industry. We organise events that serve as a platform where senior executives, leading experts and key stakeholders meet together to share ideas, achieve critical insights and discover practical solutions to enhance medical innovation for patient benefit.

NextLevel Pharma Intelligent Events provide actionable insights for almost all of the world’s leading life science companies. We are an Australian-owned and managed company, based in the centre of Europe and from here we serve the industry worldwide.

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  • Thank you, that was the best event I have ever attended on this important topic!
  • Very little needs improvement, the NextLevel team are very well organised and clearly work very hard to give attendees a good experience
  • Before I attended, I didn’t really know if it would be a good use of time. After, I felt truly honoured to have been present. Seniors from payer, Government, and Healthcare joined the industry as delegates. Really senior people. Very impressive.
  • NextLevel Pharma’s Medical Affairs meeting had two values for me: firstly, it allowed me to share best practices and try to learn what other companies are doing, which is great. Secondly, it was a fantastic networking opportunity, a lot of my peers are here which makes it special. I enjoyed the networking dinner as well, it was a nice walk, beautiful location and a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, NextLevel kept people communicating all the time – it was a fun night!
  • Thanks so much for putting together this informative and stimulating meeting! I found the format to be well suited for the exchange of ideas, and the level of expertise of the participants high. In addition, the topic areas are extremely timely. This forum was key for the creation of an intellectual framework for the proper use and incorporation of big data going forward.
  • I very much enjoyed the event. The conference was so relevant and hands-on that at many times it felt like a training rather than a conference. Especially the high number of payers that made themselves available for the conference made this a very valuable meeting.
  • I enjoyed the event very much. The conference was extremely insightful and well worth the time spent! There was a wide diversity of presentation and great networking opportunity. I loved the networking dinner too! I will be interested in participating in future events.
  • I have recently participated and presented in Berlin and was very impressed about the quality and relevance of the meeting and presentations.
  • I would like to take the opportunity to applaud you for the successful event last week. I enjoyed the interaction and exchange with people during my session a lot. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more similar events organized by you guys in the future!
  • The recent medical devices commercial leaders forum allowed me to share and understand new and innovative pathways to help reach our goals . The recognition that we all faced similar challenges regardless of products and fields allowed me to share and understand many new approaches and concepts. I have no doubt that success in the future will happen when our customers truly see us as a solution provider.

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